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Online tuition is a process where a tutor and a student communicate with each other using a media called internet. The student just needs to have a computer, headphone, internet connection, and web camera (optional) to connect to the tutor and take a session. With online tuition, you will be cutting down on time which will be consumed during the travel. Online tuition creates a communication bridge between the student and the tutor. Student can ask questions, clear their doubts without any hesitation. Tutor here will pay attention to individual student as the session happens on one to one basis. Tutor will use advanced technologies such as phone, chat, email, blackboard to draw images and more to make the teaching more convenient for the student. The sessions will happen at a flexible time you choose as per your needs and requirements. In online tuition, tutor will help you solve assignments and will also provide guidelines in preparing for the exams.
Online tuitions will motivate a student to focus on that subject demanding their attention and evolve with good marks eventually in exams. Online tuition will also build courage in students in asking any silly questions to the tutor. This intact will help the student to face the competitive world and bravely raise questions in their classroom or be it any open forum. A complete satisfaction is the end result of an online tuition. In online tuition, if the student is not satisfied by the teaching of one tutor he can ask for another tutor. This flexibility a student cannot obtain in private tuitions or classroom tuitions. Online tuitions have proven to be of great help to those students who are dearth of well trained and expert tutors. Online tuitions affirms you the best of teaching and aims at achieving success in a student's career.

Focus on Students

When doubts are not cleared the student will not be able to replicate the same in exam. This might be one of the reasons for the student to fail in his curriculum. The tutor might not be able to cover all the small topics due to time constraint which can again be a major thing a student would need clarification on. All students do not have same IQ and their learning ability differs from one another. One student may be able to grasp a topic instantly but the other would fail even after elaborated description and on quoting examples. A student may also feel incompetent when compared to other smart student and will not ask for a repetition on topic. This will eventually make him lag in a competitive world.

An interaction which happens virtually between the tutor and the student by using medias such as voice chat, text chat or a video chat over the web is known as "Online Tuition". It is more or less the same as the teaching carried conventionally except that the teacher is not physically present in front of the student rather a virtual class occurs between the teacher and the student. Online tuition for students is in great demand nurturing its benefits to the students and the learners. Students get to enjoy the benefits such as comfort, convenience, flexibility of time and cost effectiveness. They do not have to travel long distances, instead stay at their preferred location and obtain real time tuition from experts of their desired field.

Teachers online give a brief description and explain in detail to make the learning easy. Online tuition for students gives a better understanding of complex topics and in return to have clarity over their retention, home works are also assigned by the tutors. A discussion on their assignments keeps students occupied by subjects which eventually obtain good grades for them in exams. To know more on online classes, online tutoring, online courses, do visitwww.tutorsden.weebly.com today.

Online Tuition

If you are part of a crowded city with high population and heavy traffic, then commuting from one place to another can be time consuming. The private tuition classes will conduct sessions with many students in one class. One tutor will be asked to handle all the students. Tutor will not be able to concentrate on every individual and the teaching happens for all the students at one instance. Student here will not be able to clarify his/her doubts as few students would feel hesitant to ask a doubt in an open forum. Student might also feel his doubt can be silly to others or fear to speak out in crowd.

Ahnaf Tutor Academy is a company based in Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan, with over 20 years of experience in education. We aim to provide parents with an easy to use, friendly, web-based service which matches the needs of children to the skills of the tutors who are registered with us. We also provide home tutors in multiple cities of Pakistan, namely Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Hyderabad. You can request a home tutor in your area from our website as well as an online tutor. We are a place where the will to learn meets the will to teach and when combined with the help of Ahnaf Tutor, the most desired results are produced. Ahnaf Tutor also provides home tutors in Dubai and India.

Although we are based in the Karachi, Pakistan, we operate nationally, and internationally. As a web-based company we can work easily across the country while maintaining a high standard of customer service.

All students deserve access to affordable tuition when they need it. Education is key to the success of society and one of the most important areas of our lives. Students should have choices that help them achieve their full potential, without limitations. These are some of the principles that informed our vision of an educational services portal.

Too many students drop out from schools because of the challenges they face and difficulties obtaining the help and tutoring services they need. The social and individual cost is huge. Not only is education essential to the functioning of society and our communities, but it is how we fulfill ourselves and realize our dreams, for the benefit of ourselves and our families.

The internet offers huge possibilities for provision of educational resources, from online tutoring to homework help. Tutoring can help place self-improvement within everyone's reach. Using tutoring online is a great way to cut costs and make the tutoring affordable, expert tutoring help is out there, if you only look for it.

Our vision includes facilitating that process. One of our top priorities is aiding students to find a tutor who will provide them with the quality tutoring assistance they are entitled to. With online tutoring or face-to-face teaching, students can benefit hugely from skilled tutors who can provide assistance with test preparation and homework help.

While designing our portal we had a variety of questions in mind. What are the challenges facing students today? What information do students need? What are the solutions? How can we help in providing those solutions and that vital information? Our portal as you see it today represents our responses to these questions and our vision of the way ahead.

Our portal is not just for students. It also serves as a hub for tutors and we've incorporated tools and online tutoring features designed for them as well, to help tutors to do their job as effectively as possible. We don't charge a fee for tutors to post details of their services (neither do we charge students to register in order to find a tutor and access the information that our site offers).

CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE,IB and all state Board curriculum and home work help for any subject pertaining to these curriculum.
Test Preparations SAT, IELTS, GED, GRE, GMAT, TOFEL etc.
Professional Course preparations include CA-CPT, ICWA, CS etc.
The portal allows all the expert tutors to create a course on demand and deliver the course or tutoring online without compromising the quality through a highly technological advanced tutoring platform.

Q: What are the services provided by Ahnaf Tutor?
Ahnaf Tutor is the premier online tutoring service of all School Subjects (Math, Science, History & Language Arts) for Grades K-12, SAT Prep, and a variety of the global languages.
Q: Why should I choose Ahnaf Tutor for after-school help?
With a decade of tutoring experience under our belts, it is no wonder that we are the premier online tutoring platform. Ahnaf Tutor uses the latest technology of virtual white-board tutoring in every session. This technology provides both video and audio communication with the ability to instantly upload course material and worksheets between the tutor and student. This adds a personal touch to learning without the physical presence of a stranger in your home which some children may not like. We have certified educators tutoring from a variety of cultures and locations. Moreover, we are available 24/7 which sets you free from time constraints.
Q: My child isn’t very cooperative with his/her education. Can you help?
We understand that students have very busy, hectic lives and the last thing they may want to do is study or do their homework. Fortunately, our approach makes learning fun and non-invasive. Our tutors are personable and build a true sense of friendship with each student they teach. We find that students who do not like learning in the traditional sense seem to embrace our approach.
Q: How do I get a tutor for Language Learning/School Subjects?
Getting a tutor for any of our services is very easy. You can call us (+92)313-2287896, email us at ahnafacademy@gmail.com or you can visit our website www.tutorsden.weebly.com to register for free where you can purchase any of our products and schedule your first session immediately. Our friendly support team will get back to you within 24 hours of any submitted request.
Q: Which K-12 subjects can Ahnaf Tutor help me with?
Ahnaf Tutor provides Online Tutoring for Mathematics, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies/History. We also provide support for foreign languages.
Q: How will the Tutor help me with Language Learning?
Getting a tutor for any of our services is very easy. You can call us  (+92)313-2287896, email us at ahnafacademy@gmail.com.The tutor will teach you vocabulary and phrases based on your purpose for learning the language (ex. Travel, work, etc.) using all the tools on our virtual whiteboard.
Q: When can I contact Ahnaf Tutor?
Ahnaf Tutor office hours are Monday - Friday from 10 am to 11 pm PST. Customer Support through our online forum located on www.tutorsden.weebly.com is available 24/7 so you can contact us anytime and from anywhere.
Q: How long does a typical session last?
A typical session lasts about an hour, but we understand that our customers may need extra time. This is never a problem as our personal touch is included with every session, and we will cater to the learning experience needed to achieve your goals.

Q. How do I pay tuition fee?
A. 1. By paying at your doorstep (you will be approached by our agent) 2. By making a deposit in the bank. Talk to our representative by dialing (+92)313-2287896 for bank details. 3. By Western Union
Q: I am having trouble understanding your payment system. What should I do?
You can call us (+92)313-2287896 or email us at ahnafacademy@gmail.com.
Q: How can I schedule my online classes in advance?
When you sign up for free, you are given a profile and user dashboard through which you can schedule a session. You can also call us:  (+92)313-2287896 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.